If I didn’t know better, I’d think that 2021 was in a bit of a hurry. How did Quarter 1 go by so quickly?! Only three months ago, we were ringing in the New Year and making plans for greater business growth in 2021. And now, here we are, 16 weeks logged and done.

One thing is for sure: life as a business owner can keep you running at breakneck speeds. There is always more to do. From facilities management to sales and marketing plans to financial strategy—you have to keep all 12 areas of internal management on track if you are to reach your goals.

Growing a business isn’t part-time work. But sometimes you need to step back if you want to move forward.

It’s the idea that you can’t burn the candle at both ends—at least, not without getting burned! Most of us give it a try though, even for a season. That’s what I did in Q1, and it was a complete blur. Here at the start of Q2, it’s time to slow the merry-go-round and recover my balance.

For small business owners like us, finding work-life balance may seem like an impossibility. That’s why I was encouraged to read in Harvard Business Review that experts see it as more like a mindset to employ than a task to complete:

“Our research showed that achieving better balance between professional and personal priorities boils down to a combination of reflexivity—or questioning assumptions to increase self-awareness—and intentional role redefinition. Importantly, our research suggests that this is not a one-time fix, but rather, a cycle that we must engage in continuously as our circumstances and priorities evolve.”

That’s such a relief! Seeing work-life balance as a way of life rather than an accomplishment removes the pressure and the guilt when you find yourself out of balance (yet again). It’s all a matter of perspective and framing. When you find yourself out of balance, it’s your cue to reset and regain your footing.

Now, when small business life has me spinning in circles, I see it as a signal on my dashboard. It’s a warning that I won’t be able to navigate the road ahead at the current pace. By easing off the gas a little bit, I’ll avoid danger—such as poor business decisions or even emotional burnout. I’ve also found that the sooner I heed the warning, the sooner I can regroup and recharge and get back to the exciting, exhilarating work that I love. After returning to balance, I always have more clarity and a fresh perspective—something essential to small business owners like us!

Keeping the right perspective isn’t easy. That’s why Officeheads offers Business Therapy. These regularly scheduled calls give you space and time to discuss specific concepts and resolve issues so you can return to fearless financial management. Reach out today to learn more!