This is the second article in a series about strengthening your small business’s core values.

Some days you wake up and it seems that everything is right in your world. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, your business is humming along, your customers are cheerful, and your team isn’t missing a beat.

Days like that are wonderful! Days like that make running a small business a joy.

But for most owners, days like that aren’t common enough. Instead, most days you wake up burdened by everything that isn’t right in your world. The sky is cloudy, the birds are silent, your business is stumbling along, your customers are indifferent, and your team is missing every beat, all day long.

Don’t get me wrong—I much prefer those energetic, nothing-can-stop-us days! But when the tough days come, I need something to lean back on until the sun shines once again.

That’s why commitment is such an important core value for Officeheads. Without commitment, it would be too easy for us to give up when we hit those hard days. All of our core values are framed within descriptive phrases; for our team, commitment calls us to:

Give 120% or Stay Home

What I love about this framing is that it reminds me how important it is to go above and beyond—even on days when everything runs wild! You’ve likely heard it said that attitudes are contagious. But did you know it’s been proven by research? It’s true! Whatever attitude we have will spill over to our staff and eventually to our customers and clients. Here’s how it happens:

“Experts believe that negative emotions, like pain, fear and sadness, are more contagious than positive ones. This can be traced back to our survival instinct. Your brain pays more attention to negative emotions because it’s wired to keep you safe. Being able to catch someone’s fear could alert you to an imminent danger.”

If negative emotions are most contagious, then we need to keep our company as emotionally healthy as possible. For example, on days when energy at work is low, I need to adjust my attitude for the sake of my team and my clients. And if someone on the team is struggling—even if it’s me!—it truly would be better to stay home, or at the very least, take a break.

Small businesses require so much investment and energy, you might think that listing commitment as a core value is rather redundant. But I’ve found this to be a helpful gauge. If commitment is lagging, I need to pay special attention to the emotional health of my team. If my team isn’t able—and excited—to give 120%, I need to find a way to help them refresh and reset. 

As you work toward achieving your next milestone toward small business success, keep Officeheads in mind. Our team is ready to give 120% to help you meet your financial goals.  Reach out today to learn more!