This is the sixth article in a series about strengthening your small business’s core values.

Earlier this summer, the 2020 Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo, Japan. The world’s best gathered to compete for one of those coveted medals in the sports that have defined their lives. Spectators worldwide tuned in to watch and cheer on their favorites to the thrill of victory. It was two weeks of non-stop adrenaline! 

Viewers also tuned in for those heartwarming interviews the Olympics are known for. Competitors share their road to victory and acknowledge everyone who has helped them get there. From coaches and teammates to family members and friends, it takes a lot of people to make an Olympic champion.

I see winning in business as a team effort too. It takes everyone on our team working together to achieve what’s outlined in our annual goals. That’s why having a Winner’s Mentality is an Officeheads core value. We call it:

The Chequered Flag

I’m sure you’ve seen a chequered flag before—it’s that iconic black-and-white block-pattern flag that’s waved at the start and finish of a race. Racers keep going until they see that chequered flag waving them across the finish line to victory.

Having a Winner’s Mentality is how the Officeheads team keeps our singular focus day in and day out. We work together, as a team, to help our clients cross the finish line and achieve their financial goals. Everyone plays a crucial role and contributes to the success, just like a racing team’s pit crew. According to The Tools of a NASCAR Pit Crew

“Pit crews work to achieve competitive levels of efficiency and precision in the hope of giving their team’s driver the best chance at coming in first.”

Likewise, everyone on the Officeheads team needs a Winner’s Mentality to give our clients the best chance at coming in first. What does that mean for us day to day? Here are just a few things:

  1. Win at Your Job
    You’ve heard the axiom that your team is only as strong as your weakest member? That’s true. I want to make sure each person on our team sees how their individual effort and contribution affects the success of the client. I encourage each employee to win at their own job because that’s how they remain connected to the wins of our business.
  2. Win at Personal Growth
    Each one of us has room for growth and improvement in our professional lives. That’s why I place a high value on personal growth and learning. Whether that’s hard skills—such as continuing education—or soft skills—interpersonal relations, communications, and so on—when the team is committed to growth, our clients win.
  3. Win at Being a Team Player
    Most of us face an unending to-do list each morning that can keep us locked to our desks as we chase efficiency and productivity. Equally important, however, is collaboration and interaction with the other members of the crew. The most successful pit crews naturally execute a well-choreographed dance to ensure a win—in business, that means your team needs to interact like a well-oiled machine. I’m constantly striving to support my employees’ expertise without sacrificing collaboration to achieve the best client service possible.

Winning certainly isn’t everything in life, but without a strong commitment to success, your small business will struggle to keep up with the competition. Get everyone focused on the same goal, hungry for the win and the wave of that chequered flag. 

Does your team have a winner’s mentality? If not, your business may need the support of an experienced pit crew. That’s what we do at Officeheads! We keep your financial engine running strong so you get back in the race toward your business goals. Reach out today to learn more!