This is the seventh article in a series about strengthening your small business’s core values.

The typical American spends at least half of their waking hours every week at work. Although some people may work isolated and alone, most of us work with others in some capacity. We have bosses to please, coworkers to collaborate with, vendors or clients to serve, and customers to keep us in business. All these connections and interactions fill our relational tanks… or drain them. 

Doesn’t it always seem like there are a few people who make an otherwise pleasant work environment more of a challenge? Workplace strife is rough because few of us get to choose the people we work with every day. But we sure wish we could! 

A recent study found it to be the number one reason entrepreneurs give for starting their own business. It’s certainly something that motivated me to start Officeheads. I loved the idea of selecting the best team to work with the best clients to achieve the best results. Early on, as I shaped the Officeheads vision, I leaned on a book called The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz. (Check it out if you’ve not read it!) Many of the core values I’ve shared in this series were inspired by the ones Michalowicz outlined. And one of his in particular was adopted outright. His phrase No D$cks Allowed summed up my vision for creating the best team possible for my business. It’s been in my core values list ever since. 

But recently, I realized this brazen phrasing wasn’t essential to the heart of its intent. The Officeheads team has grown to better serve our growing clientele of entrepreneurs and creatives. With that in mind, our leadership team has recently decided to rephrase this core value, settling on:

No !BLEEPS! Allowed

This updated core value maintains the sentiment of the original: At Officeheads, we don’t work with difficult people. This goes for clients, vendors, and employees alike.

What I love most about this core value is that it has to start in-house. If we have a team of difficult people, we won’t be able to serve our clients and meet our financial goals. Clients won’t stick around if the team they work for is draining and difficult. This value helps me choose and retain the best people for our team, which then keeps our clients loyal for the long term.

Likewise, if we have a slate of difficult clients, I won’t be able to maintain the best team. Great employees won’t stay long at a less-than great workplace! Who would want to go to work every day dreading their client roster? By keeping the best clients, my team is happy—and so is my bottom line, because I don’t have to worry about excessive turnover.

Throughout this series, we’ve looked at each of the Officeheads core values and how each one contributes to our financial success. This last one lays the foundation for healthy interpersonal relationships, which is vitally important for every business. The measure of health or dysfunction you tolerate will affect your growth and future success. If you need some help becoming more financially healthy, Officeheads can help. Our team is ready to get your core values working for your healthiest bottom line yet. Reach out today to learn more!