Shareholder profitability pairs integrity with business insight for the year ahead.

With every passing year, more stories break revealing the worst about business leaders in their pursuit for profitability. Bad behavior from companies like Volkswagen (cheating its emissions tests), Theranos (exaggerating its tech innovation), and Enron (corporate and accounting fraud) make the news because the fallout is far reaching—and often quite dramatic. 

But I think it has unfairly placed profitability in the worst light. Being a profitable company is a CEO’s goal and it is possible without selling out to shady practices. In fact, keeping your shareholders happy requires acting with integrity. No business will have long-term profitability or success without it!

So let’s talk about what your shareholders will take home next year.


Whatever goals you have for 2023, shareholder ROI must be part of it. Here’s how to determine those ROI goals and keep them on track throughout the year ahead:

Getting where you want to go by December 31, 2023, starts with looking back over the last 12 months of data, so start by analyzing your financial data. Print your month-by-month P&L statements from 2022 and understand how your numbers look over time. 

Be sure to compare your actual progress to the 2022 budget, then discern the adjustments needed to move ahead for 2023. If you’ve fallen short of your 2022 goals, figure out why and solve it. If you’ve exceeded your goals, determine what contributed to the success and see if you can replicate it in 2023.

The end result is to set your 2023 strategic goals and then budget your way to reach them. 



Using your analysis from the past 12-months, put your detailed budget into a spreadsheet for the next 12-months. Look at each line to determine if the budgeted amount for 2023 is correct for achieving your goals. Play with it for a bit by entering different amounts, higher and lower, to see how that affects the bottom line. For example, if revenue goes up, what impact will that have on your staffing needs? If you grow, will your expenses increase too? Looking at the impact each line item in your budget has upon other line items will help you make wise decisions for the future.



If you are going to reach your goals in 2023, what do you need to make that happen? Most likely you will need to change a few things! That’s where your strategic plan comes into play. You’ll need to plan for the goals you’ve chosen, then set your course to get there. Create SMART goals for each area of internal management so you can track your progress and discover early on if anything is keeping you from success.


CEOs need to complete this annual planning process to ensure shareholder ROI goals are possible. That’s where our expertise comes in. We help CEOs with growing businesses reach their goals year after year. Our clients get plenty of hands-on support—including tools that walk you through this planning process. Want to do some budgeting on the quick? Don’t forget to grab a FREE download of our Budget Template & Cash Flow Chart. Just fill out the form below.

As you work through your planning process for 2023, keep Officeheads in mind. Our team can help you develop a plan for maximum shareholder ROI as you meet your business goals and serve your market with integrity. Reach out to us today to see how!


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