Have you ever been in the zone? It’s a common phenomenon experienced by athletes or speakers who describe it as a state where everything just clicks—their aim is spot-on or their words spill out in perfect formation. 

In a business sense, this is also known as flow state. When teams experience flow state, each member is in sync as they work together to complete a project or achieve a goal. (If it’s not obvious: getting your team in the zone is how you will reach your business growth potential and goals!)

Teams are more likely to get in the zone the more they work together and know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Communication, time, and knowledge are essential ingredients for team success—all of which are limited when your team works remotely. 

So, if your business has moved to a virtual structure—whether long-term or permanently—you’ll need to make team building a priority. 

Officeheads Gingerbread Wars!

One thing I’ve done for my team is to shift investment dollars for regular team-building exercises from TeamBuilding. This company’s expertise is facilitating experiences to build strong teams so they can achieve their highest potential together. 

So far, the Officeheads team has completed two events. Back in December, our team participated in Gingerbread Wars, an inclusive holiday-themed event that included a gingerbread cookie decorating competition, holiday trivia, and team building activities. It was so much fun! Most recently we completed the Art Heist: The Vanishing Van Gogh, in which we identified the art thief as we completed art trivia questions.

Officeheads Art Heist!

The best thing about using a group like TeamBuilding is that we could lean on them and their expertise. Their facilitators walked us through the activities and allowed us to enjoy the process. I found it freeing for team members on every level (myself included!) to participate and benefit fully. 

You may wonder if investing in your team’s connections is a wise use of funds. But as I’ve advised before, the health of your team’s relationships to each other is “not isolated. Each one intersects with the other. So when one bond is weak or unhealthy, it has an effect on everything else in your business—including your financial stability.” Be sure to invest in your team, even if you’ve gone virtual. 

If you want your business to get in the zone so you can reach your business goals, Officeheads can help. We provide full financial health assessments to help you with cash flow management, revenue growth, expense management, and profitability. Reach out today to learn more!