Springboard your Dream Team in 3… 2… 1… This is the fourth article in the series Playing the Game Called Profit Land.

On the journey to Financial Freedom Kingdom, there’s a crucial pitstop along the way: the culture club.

There’s a certain inclusivity that accompanies being part of a “club.” Whether it’s a sports league, sorority/fraternity, or professional society, you and other members hold shared values and goals. When these groups work together well, when there’s a sense of true belonging and inspiring energy, everyone wins.

The same can be true—and should be—for your employees! Just assembling a team of skilled, knowledgeable individuals to fulfill business tasks isn’t enough. A winning team takes more. You have to ensure those team members will work alongside each other to progress the company’s mission and vision. 

It all starts with company culture, which has to be established on day one of an employee’s tenure. This is a crucial progression along the path to Financial Freedom Kingdom—one that you, as CEO, must help guide.

Optimizing the Orientation Process

For those of you who attended college, you’ll likely remember the first days, when you were assigned various orientation activities. It may have seen an unnecessary use of time, but can you imagine not having that guidance? Chances are there were very specific items and instructions that springboarded you toward academic success.

The same should apply to employee orientation—which we can approach in a few different ways. First, there are a number of “logistical” items that need to be ticked off the orientation checklist. For example, tax paperwork, distribution of the employee handbook, payroll and time-off processes, office tours, and so on. These all serve as foundational elements from which you begin to solidify a team member’s place in the culture club.

Then, you can move forward with mission-focused aspects, such as the company’s vision and values. At this point, you (or “you” as represented by your HR professional) also have the opportunity to introduce employees to other team members and define roles—each as part of the collective team.

But it doesn’t end there: a continued focus on training and processes cannot be underestimated! Without it, team members can lose track of why they’re doing what they’re doing. Losing track of the why can affect everything from internal performance to external customer interactions.

Linking Culture Club to Customer Satisfaction

Oftentimes, company leaders focus performance on task-based activities. Employees need to complete “X” amount of items in order to keep the company running smoothly.

Tasks certainly are important, but so is alignment of those tasks to the company’s vision. If training lacks culture-rooted guidance, operations can quickly go off the rails. Consider these scenarios, in which customer satisfaction ultimately suffers:

  • Your under-trained employee is doing their best to serve your customers, but it’s not matching up with what you desire as a CEO. You’ve lost control of what their version of “best” is.
  • An overachieving team member’s performance looks good on paper, but there’s misalignment with your vision and values. They’re actually overachieving toward a misunderstood goal.
  • Weak orientation has led to major gaps in the customer experience (remember our focus on CX?). It’s difficult to start over once habits and behaviors take hold. As a result, the entire company takes a hit.
  • Diminished performance due to lack of culture reinforcement equates to high turnover. Instead of having a team that’s a well-oiled machine, you’re constantly firing/hiring and playing catch up.

Alternatively, training that is founded in the company’s mission, vision, and values—from which culture is born—ensures all team members are doing the “right things right” (and they’re doing them well).

Make This Winning Strategy Your Own

To ensure you have a strong, cohesive team you need to build a culture that team members want to make their own. Everyone is working toward the same goal, with the same vision guiding them to Financial Freedom Kingdom. And that’s the only way to win the game of Profit Land. Springboarding your culture club has a direct impact on achieving your business’s growth goals. The Officeheads team can help you develop a culture club that draws people in and gets everyone working together to reach Financial Freedom Kingdom. Reach out today to learn more!