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Proactive Tax Preparation


Proactive & Planned Tax Preparation


Proactive Tax Preparation for Entrepreneurs & Creatives

Let’s face it: Taxes can be tricky! And many entrepreneurs and creatives struggle to develop processes that will not only make taxes easier to manage, but also provide the greatest benefit. Without those processes in place, you expend needless energy on paperwork—and money on penalties and lost deductions. You can avoid all that with our in-house tax experts who know all the tricks that make tax preparation a smooth road to navigate.

The road forward includes meeting with you twice a year to map a course. By matching your business goals with our tax expertise, we develop a plan that identifies appropriate write-offs to mitigate your tax liabilities. We use that plan to think taxes throughout the whole year to be ready for these major milestones:

  • July: mid-year tax planning to use six months of actual data to plan for the remaining six months of the year
  • December: year-end tax planning to incur the proper amount of expenses to mitigate your tax liability
  • March: eFiling of SCorps and partnership/LLCs tax returns
  • April: eFiling of CCorps, individuals, and trusts tax returns

In addition to these major annual events, we’re also thinking taxes day in and day out. We collaborate with your attorneys, bankers, and insurance and investment professionals to provide comprehensive advice. Officeheads can also work right alongside your current CPA to provide strategic long-term planning strategies. From traditional tax services to functional expense and budget consulting to multi state nexus issues, our tax experts allow you to concentrate on your business while we handle your tax needs for:

  • Tax Compliance/Reporting Requirements
  • Income, Payroll, and Sales Tax Returns and Reports
  • Tax Credits, Write-Offs, and Deductions
  • Long-Term Tax Planning Strategies
  • Business, Tax, and Financial Forecasting

Whatever your needs, our unwavering focus on monthly financial management gives us deep knowledge of your financial goals. This allows us to effortlessly plan for and prepare your tax map toward success.

Find expert navigation for the road ahead! Learn how Officeheads tax planning and preparation helps you avoid rough patches and keeps you moving forward.