We'll Be Your Financial Team


"Even if you run your business from the kitchen table, you still would benefit from having a finance department structured as if you were IBM. The needs are the same, on a much smaller scale."

Brenda Schweda, Financial Account Manager

Financial Management Services for Small Business

Officeheads ensures our clients' companies are financially healthy. Maybe your business is just starting out, or perhaps you’ve been operating for years. We get in, tune your business up and get it running like a well-oiled machine.

At Officeheads, we are focused first and foremost on developing and analyzing financial data, followed by shaping growth strategies that energize, inspire, and reward our entrepreneurial clients. 

The Bookkeeper’s role is highly transactional. Takes direction from the Accountant to gather and sort mail, pay bills, generate invoices, make bank deposits, implement collection efforts, process payroll, generate 1099s, and close the books. Learn more.

Using the data inputted by the Bookkeeper, the Accountant classifies transactions, makes adjusting journal entries, reconciles accounts, then supervises and instructs the Bookkeeper to take action based on the Analyst’s findings. Initiates and manages annual budgeting process. Learn more

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of your company. There is one philosophy that we share unanimously throughout our client roster. It’s our Profit First philosophy.  Inspired by our peer Mike Michalowicz’s book by the same name, we believe that financial freedom begins when you squirrel away the profit first.  That way, when you need the money to evolve or grow or celebrate your success, the money that you need is waiting for you. Learn more

The CPA partners with CFO on a quarterly basis to understand changes that impact tax liabilities, makes recommendations to proactively manage the liabilities, and prepares and files annual tax returns. The Analyst also partners with the CPA or Tax Expert on a quarterly basis to proactively manage the corporate and individual tax liabilities, and partners with the accountant to produce an annual budget. Learn more.

The Financial Analyst’s key initiative is to ensure the company is financially healthy. Using reports approved by the Accountant, the Analyst monitors bank balances, analyzes weekly A/R and A/P reports and recommends action to the Accountant, analyzes monthly and quarterly reports and recommends action to Owner, CEO or Strategist to adjust operating expenses, reduce debt, and generate quarterly distributions. The Analyst also partners with the CPA or Tax Expert on a quarterly basis to proactively manage the corporate and individual tax liabilities. Partners with Accountant to produce an annual budget. Learn more


“My clients are leaders of small, growing Nonprofits. Officeheads has propelled many of their organizations to growth by providing a clear and customized picture of their financial health and priorities. The Officeheads team rolls up their sleeves and digs in deep - they are an irreplaceable team member. This is a rare quality that I deeply value.”

Sherry Quam Taylor – Founder
Quam Taylor Consulting



Non-Profit Makes a Big Difference

Many business owners can share horror stories about a bad bookkeeper - this was no exception. This $350k per year donation generating non-profit organization stumbled into our doors with weak reportable data and a dream to make things right. After implementing the Officeheads 4-Gear Financial Management System, we are able to produce custom branded dashboards that report every movement of their 3 million dollar annual donations. To add icing on the cake, all of our charts are branded and are easily dropped into their reports for donors and other powers that be.