The global COVID-19 pandemic has altered our way of life. So many of us are now working and learning remotely, sheltering in place, and staying safer at home (aside from essential life functions, that is). Now that our routines have been tossed out the window, a most-pressing question remains… what day is it, anyway? Following a standard workweek/weekend schedule gives us a sense of time and rhythm. But now that it’s gone? Every day can start to feel the same! This is disorienting, to say the least.

Routines and habits are a central component in our human existence. They move us along through days, weeks, months, seasons, and years as we complete routine tasks and functions. Pretty soon, we associate certain activities with a specific time, and it grounds us in ways that help us thrive.

Regularly performed actions eventually embed within our brains so that we can perform that task without much mental effort. I bet every time you drive to the grocery store, you go the same route and hardly think about all the actions needed to get there. These are the functions we perform “without even thinking.” Sometimes we even mentally checkout, like when we’re driving on the highway and can’t remember the past 20 miles. All the mental energy that’s conserved when we’re on autopilot can then be shifted to other, more pressing tasks and concerns.

But now that so many of us have lost our routines—personal and professional—every action takes extra brainpower. We have to think through our task, the approach, and the tools we need. Very little of our days are spent on autopilot right now. No wonder we’re feeling so out of sorts!

That feeling you have right now, of being on the edge of chaos because your routines are gone? That’s the feeling business owners have when they are operating without a financial management system. The good news is that Officeheads specializes in resolving that sense of chaos for our clients! We help businesses get into a routine that will bring order and efficiency to that chaos.

Now, I know some people adore schedules and routines more than others. My brain is actually wired for them—which is why I love helping clients create and adopt routines in financial management. When I consider the way routines and habits help us function in daily life, I see it as a process. A process is a series of steps or actions that produce a certain result. The way you brush your teeth? It’s a process that starts with grabbing the toothpaste and ends with setting down your toothbrush. The way you analyze your financial records? It’s a process that starts with building a solid financial engine and ends with a growth plan and measurable action steps.

We bring order to financial chaos using our 5-Gear Financial Management System—it’s our proven process for financial management that provides many benefits, including:


The longer you practice a routine, the easier it becomes. Similarly, financial management systems work best when they become your practiced routine. There are daily, weekly, monthly, and annual functions to perform that fit together into a process that results in fiscal health for your company. Efficient processes make everything work in harmony, so nothing gets lost and surprises are accounted for.

Fiscal Understanding

Our 5-Gear Financial Management System gets your numbers in order so you can read them—and hear the story they are telling. We look back to see where you’ve been. Then  we put that knowledge to work, shaping growth strategies for a tangible competitive advantage.

Financially Fit

As your business becomes more efficient and understands the story its numbers tell, you will be prepared to grow into the future. You’ll be able to set appropriate goals and build the strategies to operate at top capacity, achieve growth, and beat your competition.

After the outbreak eases up, we’ll be returning to our usual routines. We’ll be running errands, going to restaurants, and heading back to our offices. The disruption we’ve experienced will give us the opportunity to put aside some old, worn out habits and take on some new, more productive ones. If you’d like to take advantage of the disruption by switching into a financial management routine that benefits you the most, check out our 5-Gear Financial Management System and get a free consultation.