This is the sixth article in the series A CEO’s Guide to Long-Term Employees.

One of the most common fuels of the Great Resignation is something dubbed work-life balance. Employees want work to be part of a satisfying life—not the overwhelming majority of life. And this is good news for business leaders, because a rich personal life is proven to make an employee’s work life richer in return. Hobbies, side hustles, family life, community involvement—all of these non-work pursuits enhance our work-related pursuits.

As people reassess their lives after two pandemic-ridden years, they want positive work situations that contribute to their overall life satisfaction. They want flexibility, time, and energy to pursue outside interests. But for many people, the only way to do so is to seek a different job. And that’s bad news for business leaders.

For CEOs looking to grow a team of long-term employees, centering work-life balance is essential. The trouble is determining what work-life balance even means. Every employee is likely to have their own definition! Your job as a CEO is to develop general guidelines so employees can find balance within that larger frame. 

You’ll need to find innovative ways to ensure your team has the flexibility, time, and energy to pursue their outside interests if you want them to stick around for the long haul. 

While there are many ways to do this, here are a few that I’m prioritizing in 2022 for the Officeheads team:

#1 Encourage—or even require—vacation time 

If you’ve done a good job selecting your employees, they are a dedicated bunch. And that means they often prioritize their work responsibilities and see vacation as disruptive to their flow. I’ve found that my best employees need encouragement to take regular time away. My encouragement tells them that I value their input to the team and want them to take a much-needed break.

“Research consistently shows the health benefits of taking vacation time, like improved productivity, lower stress and better mental health.”

#2 Acknowledge pre/post vacation stress

Our work doesn’t stop just because we take time away. It’s commonly quite stressful to prepare for and return from vacation. I’ve found that acknowledging it makes all the difference. Being aware of the stress normalizes it as part of the process while also inspiring ways to offset it. It also alerts the whole team to be mindful of that stress by limiting nonessential requests and offering assistance to ease the transitions.

“Of course, you want to be sure that people have the information they need to cover necessary tasks while you’re gone. [Then] work with your supervisor or a colleague to find the best point person to handle issues during your time off.”

#3 Incorporate & celebrate outside interests

The Officeheads team is not only impressive professionally; they also have some impressive outside interest. We have musicians, artists, athletes, and creatives. Whenever they have shows, exhibits, or events, we celebrate it! Their creative and community ventures are good for them, our team, and our community.

“Show your support by acknowledging your people’s achievements at a special talent/hobby day gathering—this would be great for company culture and for employees to learn more about the personal side of their colleagues—the side they may not see at work.”


In short, encouraging work-life balance is a win-win-win. It’s good for your employees. It’s good for your company. And finally, it’s good for your community. People and companies shape our communities in profound ways. We are truly interconnected, which is why work-life balance isn’t about any one person, family, team, or company. It’s about the ways that we each contribute to the whole. Seeking work-life balance recognizes those connections and supports the activities that produce greater flourishing for all. If you are looking for innovative ways to boost your financial stability for achieving your 2022 goals, our team can help! We are ready to help you make 2022 your best year yet with employees who stick around and make your company all it can be.