No matter a company’s size, CEOs and business owners have this in common:

Their brains are swamped with information.

Tracking employee performance week after week—and how that affects each employee’s compensation. Implementing a new and more profitable inventory system. Shifting the company culture to be more in line with your core values. Analyzing financial reports and using them to scale operations.

Being a business leader takes every ounce of brainpower. I’m sure you can relate! And these are just a few of the countless decisions on your mind—every aspect of your business needs attention all at once and all the time. 


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could multiply your brain’s output? Scientists have debunked the myth that we only use 10% of our brain, which means expanding our mental capacity isn’t really an option. But we can use our brains to work smarter. Forbes covered 10 ways you can do just that, and first on the list is learning to delegate:

The key is understanding that the ability to delegate will make you more productive. One study even showed that CEOs who delegate experience lower levels of decision fatigue, fewer instances of burnout and generate 33% more revenue than those with low delegation skills.


Less decision fatigue and burnout, plus higher revenue, just by harnessing the power of delegation? That’s what we see when clients delegate financial management to our team at Officeheads.  


CEOs and business leaders find more brain power working by having our entire financial management team under one roof. From bookkeeping and accounting to Advisory  and tax services, our expert team is tending to your account, actively analyzing and managing the details. You have a single point of contact who aggregates all the details of your wider team, making it efficient and easy for you to stay informed.

It’s all under one roof, and it’s all cloud-based, which means you have instant access whenever you need it. All your information is synced and current, providing you with the information you need to make sound business decisions. 

So in a way, Officeheads becomes that second brain you’ve always wanted! With cloud-based connections, it’s like your business is running on multiplied brainpower. We would love to put our cloud-based brains to work for you! Reach out today to learn more.