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Financial Analysis


Develop a Healthy Financial Path for Your Business


Develop a Healthy Financial Path for Your Business

Officeheads analysts look at every aspect of your business’ financial health. Using standard and customized reports our accountants create, each team member provides constant analysis at every step, such as monitoring bank balances and analyzing weekly A/R and A/P reports, before presenting their findings to our analysts. These analysts will offer high level forecasting and strategic recommendations on how to manage cash flow, increase revenue, minimize expenses and maximize profits.

As you consider how to adjust operating expenditures, reduce debt, and generate more stable financial growth, our analysts are there at every step. We’ll also partner with your CPA or tax expert so they are prepared to proactively manage your tax liabilities, both individual and corporate, and assess any areas where you may mitigate your tax liability.

Along with our full financial health assessments, our financial strategists offer:

  • Analysis of current and past financial performance
  • Prepare reports and projections based on data collection
  • Evaluate cash flow management and offer recommendations for improvement
  • Establish and iterate upon profit building strategies
  • Provide informed financial forecasting

From analyzing performance to managing cash and developing forecast models – Officeheads is the best financial management solution for your small business.

Let our team of expert finance analysts help you create a window into your business’ health. Together, we’ll talk about your goals for your small business, where you want to go and grow, and your dreams for the future. Our financial analysis services can get you there.