So many new businesses begin with an innovative solution or offering that changes the world—or at least changes the world for the customers they serve! Visionary leaders see the world differently, and that’s how they solve problems no else can.

Our world needs more of these creative solutions! That’s why we love coming alongside small business owners and entrepreneurs to design and build top-notch financial engines. With an engine that’s built to win, these problem-solving businesses are able to shift gears and make even greater progress!

One of the first things we do with our clients is to clarify their cash flow perception. We keep it simple, tagging everything into one of two buckets: one for money in, the other for money out. Placing each item crossing through the system into one of the two buckets enables owners to better track each dollar.

Proper paperwork and billing is necessary for every business, no matter the size. But even small businesses can have trouble tracking all the bills and payments that dump into the money-out bucket each month. Developing a processing system is crucial, which is why we help our clients set up digital tools.

One of the best tools we’ve come across is Divvy Payments. It’s a customized MasterCard program that helps clients stay on top of budgetary expenses. Here’s how it works. Imagine you have an in-house team of three and a freelance support crew of two. Your in-house team needs quick access to funds to purchase supplies and day-to-day customer support expenditures. Your freelance team needs to bill for travel. You could have each one track receipts and expenses to submit each month, or you could have them borrow the corporate card from you. But all that equals mountains of paperwork and red-tape that slows down your team.

Enter Divvy Payments. Your Divvy Payments account is an amped up corporate card and expense management platform. As Divvy explains it,  “Each of your approved spenders will receive a Divvy MasterCard® and can also generate virtual cards for one-time use or recurring charges.” For each card, you can create virtual cards, set spending and budget limits, and control card activity in Divvy.

And this is where the benefits really kick in! You can set budget limits on each card, specific to the cardholder. So your in-house team has one set of constraints, the freelance team has another—each one specific to their particular function.

Spending your expense buckets through Divvy means you no longer have to prepare or process expense reports or reimbursements! Divvy offers online real time reports, so you can analyze the past, adjust as needed, and move full-speed ahead each month.

Another great benefit is the built-in alert system. Since each account has its own budget, any expense that is out of range will be automatically flagged for your review and approval. Anything that’s out of the norm for your team is found on-the-spot and can be addressed quickly before your finances stall out.

Innovative financial management solutions like Divvy Payments give small businesses a huge boost, because your financial engine sets the pace for the whole company. A strong engine can help you outpace your competitors and stay strong for the long haul.

Are you interested in giving Divvy a try? Use the Officeheads affiliate link here. And if you’d like help getting your entire financial engine running efficiently and effectively, reach out today!