What’s playing on your CXtreme Channel? This is the third article in the series Playing the Game Called Profit Land.

Welcome back to Profit Land! Let’s crank up your Service Delivery.

“Practice makes perfect” can be both an encouraging and discouraging phrase. If you played any sport, you probably heard it a time or two (or fifty).

The difference in practice actually making perfect is the person behind the goal-seeker. A teacher, coach, director. Even a Sherpa.

As a CEO, you bear the responsibility of guiding your team to align with your vision and values. But, too often company leadership “expects” everyone to be on board from day one. Just because that vision and those values are crystal clear to you does not mean it is to your team… yet. They’re depending on you to guide them through the practice that ultimately makes perfect.

As you make your way through the game of Profit Land, on your way to Financial Freedom Kingdom, a critical action is needed: the CXtreme (extreme customer service) delivery process, one of the 12 areas of internal management. Let’s look at how you can Cxtreme your business!

Happy Customers = Profitability

Where would your business be without customers? Without them, you really have nothing. But the kind of customer you have makes all the difference. Semi-disgruntled customers? That’s not getting you through Profit Land. With happy, loyal, ambassador customers? You have everything. Simply put, pleased customers equal profitability.

Profit Land

To reach that level of satisfaction, your CXtreme delivery process has to be on point. Not just some days, but every day. That can’t happen with just a few team members on board—it has to be every team member. You need to champion the way you want your team to serve your customers. You need to broadcast those great customer service moments on your own CXtreme channel, for the whole team to see!

There are four key areas of service delivery you need to highlight and broadcast on the regular to shape your service strategy:

1) Service Culture

Every person likes to be respected at work. As a company leader, it’s part of your job to ensure your organization’s culture provides such an environment. You can make service a core value of how your company operates—whether inside (among team members) or outside (from your team to customers and vendors). As you demonstrate a service attitude to your team, you create an atmosphere of service.

Some of it is caught, but a lot of it will need to be taught. Training will be needed to make sure everyone is following your service vision. And you’ll need to broadcast those service ideals to your team on the regular.

2) Employee Engagement

Customer engagement is essential for growth. But so is employee engagement. Employees feel valued when they know they are a part of something, as opposed to being on the fringe of the company’s objectives. With this kind of model, employees accept challenges. They embrace mental stimulation.

The reality is, they cannot do that on their own. Your team members need you, as a leader, to foster employee engagement and provide an atmosphere where everyone is working toward a common goal.

3) Service Quality

You can have the best, brightest employees in the world—but unless they share your vision, values, and mission, they might still miss the mark when delivering quality service to customers. Everyone has been on the receiving end of customer service, so we all know what “great” service feels like versus disappointing service.

The question you have to ask yourself is, what does stellar customer service look like to your customers? Does your team know? That’s why training is so essential even before your team interacts with customers. Any missteps occur, and retention suffers.

4) Customer Experiences

“CX” has become a big buzzword over the last few years. While it is true that customers are increasingly demanding more from the brands they engage with, this should have always been an integral part of a company’s service strategy. How customers feel after a service encounter largely determines next steps. Will they become ambassadors of your brand or detractors?

It’s a critical question to ask, with as many as nine out of ten buyers swayed by others’ recommendations. Your service team plays a key role in ensuring customers are hyping your company up instead of tearing it down.

You’re on Your Way…

Let’s take a look at your current service delivery “vehicle,” as it exists in Profit Land. Is it a broken-down jalopy with a static-heavy AM radio? Or a shiny-yet-reliable roadster with a state-of-the-art sound system? With the former, you’ll have a lot of difficulty broadcasting your CXtreme directions—and your team will likely get lost.

But, the latter allows you and your team to cruise along, with your CEO GPS, and those CXtreme highlights blasting from the speakers.

If you’re not quite sure how to go about implementing a CXtreme service delivery process, never fear. You can still win the Profit Land game! Keep your eyes peeled for the next blog in this series to get all the tips you need to effectively train your team. And be sure to reach out to us today to see how the team at Officeheads can help you grow your CXtreme service delivery strategy!