Every week at Officeheads, we hold an internal staff meeting in which we discuss our clients. Besides asking ourselves if each client is happy with our services and to what degree, we also ask, “Are they happy being a CEO?”

Admit it – as head of the company, in the midst of hustling through so many tasks on any given day, you probably don’t often stop to think if you’re actually happy doing those things, do you? Even if you find the time to celebrate your wins, it’s also important to consider your challenges and struggles. These can eat away at your job satisfaction and probably aren’t going away anytime soon.

We see 3 big reasons why CEOs aren’t as happy as they could be – all of which are fixable with a little help, answering some questions and working through it.

  • Cash Flow

This is a big one. Cash flow is routinely a source of stress for CEOs. You have payroll looming around the corner. You have a number of vendors to pay. You might even forget to pay yourself. So, who should you pay first? Is there anything you can hold off on paying? Take a step back and take a breath while you’re at it. This is an opportunity to formulate a strategy so you can manage, understand and eventually prevent your cash flow challenges.

  • Process

When your process hits a bottleneck, that’ll make your stress level pop. Sometimes you can see it coming and others you don’t expect until you are in the middle of a stress test. Again, having the help of a partner who can come into your problem from a fresh perspective can be immensely helpful.
Experts and extra ears are great at identifying challenges, even when you don’t know you have one! If you’re not certain how to lift the cloud of confusion and clear the way to greater productivity, then you may want to strongly consider enlisting another expert’s point of view to bring fresh ideas to the table.

For example: As part of a recent client onboarding, we created an invoicing process map to look at how staff, operations and other elements within their company might influence the path of an invoice. After reviewing this path through their application, we automated the process in a much more efficient way. Sometimes you don’t even know there is a simpler solution right at your fingertips.

  • Losing A Staff Member Or Client

Sometimes there are unavoidable departures, but that doesn’t mean they sting any less. A beloved staff member moves to a new job. The “sure thing” new project falls through. The loss of an existing client. As the business owner, you take these losses as a gut punch to your happiness. That’s called passion and commitment, and although that’s a good thing, it isn’t easy. In this critical moment, when you’re at your most vulnerable, you shouldn’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders. We find that sometimes the best medicine for a business owner is to talk it out with other business owners who can relate. You must know you’re not the only one in business who ever made a mistake or suffered a setback – nonetheless, talking with trusted colleagues and advisors will reinforce the fact that you are truly never alone in these experiences.

So How Do We Fix It?

In many ways, these nagging issues can be solved by having the right team around you. This can be the team you hire internally, the people you bring in externally or a blend of both.

How much does having a solid support team around you make a difference to your happiness? It means everything. Because when your team is in harmony, you’re happiest being a CEO.

At Officeheads, we find that when you’re financially healthy as a business, there’s a whole lot of other things to be happy about too. So if you’re feeling like your company’s financial engine is merely sputtering along and it’s causing you undue stress, let’s talk more about that and see where our team can help. Together, we can show you how to get out of that rut and re-discover the happiness that every entrepreneur deserves. We’re ready if you are. So give Officeheads a call today at 847.866.8877.