This is the ninth article in a series about powering your small business through 12 areas of internal management.

One of life’s most important lessons is learning to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. It’s all about learning to see from another’s perspective or choosing to identify with someone’s personal experience. And it’s vital for being a decent human—and a successful business owner.

How does empathy set you up for business success? Empathy helps you see your company from your customer’s perspective. It’s like being a guest in someone’s home—when everything is new, your eye catches things that the homeowner has gone blind to from familiarity. As a guest, you notice the stacks of magazines by the couch or the dusty windowsill. Learning to see your company from your customers perspective will reveal the flaws hidden-in-plain sight. But this isn’t just an exercise in awareness. It’s the first step in creating a customer experience that makes them say, “Wow!”

The experience you provide your customers as they engage with your business has a direct impact on repeat interactions. That’s why your product and/or service delivery is part of the 12 areas of internal management. You need to regularly practice empathy to see what your customers see as they interact with your business—and make sure you have a winning strategy in place. 

Several things contribute to a winning delivery strategy. First, you have to lead your team by modeling a service mindset and stressing it as part of your business’s DNA. When you are quick to help others and do so with kindness, your team notices and will follow suit. 

Second, you need a tried-and-tested strategy for efficiently meeting customer needs. Make it easy for your team to serve customers and deliver your offering quickly and efficiently. This includes process and procedures for things like inventory management and order fulfillment.

Third, you want to create a memorable and positive interaction with each customer. Think of all the small things that customers notice: a warm welcome from your team, tidy shelves, speedy fulfillment, and a quality product or service that meets the need as promised. 

All these things work together to create a delivery experience that will bring your customers back for more—or will keep them away for good. When you use empathy to see what your customers see, you can adjust your product service delivery strategy. A regular review of your delivery strategy will help you address troubles and keep wowing your customers for the long-run.

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