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Officeheads has surveyed clients and business leaders to discover what characteristics they love most about us. They responded that our top attributes in regards to bookkeeping and accounting are our accuracy and responsiveness.



At Officeheads, we complement our financial management services with business growth strategies. The reason why we love numbers is because we know that, when analyzed and distilled properly, those numbers show insight into strategies that can help you grow your business.



Officeheads is known for the meaningful partnerships and the easy rapport that we enjoy with our clients. We believe in the immeasurable value of financial planning and process, the financial strength that comes from strategy, and the precedence that profit must take for any business to grow and thrive.


Officeheads' Founder and CEO Rebecca Berneck is a record holding motorcycle racer! This high performance experience inspired her to write The Financial Management Guide for Small Businesses. Download this amazing and practical eBook and see how running a financially successful business is like operating a record breaking motorcycle racing crew!



Goal Driven Real Estate Company

Officeheads opened its arms when the ink on this company's EIN app was still wet. They specialize in the re-imagining, marketing and leasing of commercial office properties and truly embrace the freedom from having a financial partner who lets them run their business while we take care of the debits and credits. Officeheads pays bills, produces and distributes invoices, and generates an intricate monthly commission calculator that keeps the reps on task each day.

Achieve Financial Health & Strength

Managing finances of a small to medium sized business means so much more than simply having a bookkeeper to track debits and credits. At Officeheads, our team provides the accounting and bookkeeping services that you need to manage the finances of your business, but we also provide so much more. Our admiration of the entrepreneurial spirit has led us to expand our services to include financial strategic coaching that actually helps your business grow, healthy and strong.


“I watched all of my pennies in years one and two while handling all of the financial stuff myself. When operations became more complex and I needed more time for marketing, I hired Officeheads. With their smart coaching and sound advice about revenue, expenses, and profit, I actually have time to work ON the business to make it a success.”

Lauren Woodel – Owner
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